At Sonohealth, we provide diagnostic fetal imaging studies including Early Pregnancy, Nuchal Translucency, Anatomy Scans and Biophysical Profiles Ultrasounds. 

Early Pregnancy Sonogram (5 - 11 weeks)
An Ultrasound in the first trimester provides your doctor or midwife with valuable information including accurate gestational age, due date, fetal number and heart rate. The uterus is evaluated for tumors such as fibroids, which can cause complications during pregnancy.  Ovaries are evaluated for cysts or other tumors. 

Nuchal Translucency Sonogram (11.2 – 14.1 weeks)
The Nuchal Translucency Sonogram is a genetic screening test to detect risks for Down Syndrome, Trisomy 13, 18, Turner’s Syndrome and Cystic Hygromas. It involves measuring the amount of fluid accumulated under the skin at the back of the baby’s neck. Increased Nuchal Translucency measurements may indicate an increased risk for chromosomal abnormalities. To increase exam sensitivity, we include Nasal Bone Length, Choroid plexus, Stomach, Urinary Bladder Length, Ventral Wall and Umbilical Cord evaluation as well. The NT scan should be performed by a physician or sonographer that has proper NT training and certification. At Sonohealth, we have been credentialed by the Nuchal Translucency Quality Review Program since 2008.


Detailed Fetal Anatomy Sonogram (18 – 40 weeks)
Our Complete Obstetrical Sonogram or “Baby Well Being Scan” is a detailed anatomical survey of your baby. Careful measurements are obtained of the head, abdomen, femur, and humerus to determine fetal age, due date, and weight. Anatomical structures such as the brain, spine, heart, and abdominal organs are evaluated to determine the health of your developing child and to check for problems such as spina bifida, cardiac septal defects, and limb abnormalities. Studies include an evaluation of amniotic fluid, placenta and cervix.

Boy or Girl?  13 Week Gender
Our high-resolution ultrasound system and experience can accurately determine gender from as early as 13 weeks for interested parents.

4D DVD, CD, Color Photos
4D Ultrasound is the latest imaging application in the field of ultrasound today. In Obstetrics, 4D ultrasound aids in the visualization of anatomical structures to better assess the health of the developing fetus and may provide parents with incredible “life like” pictures of their baby like they’ve never seen before! Complimentary color photos are provided to patients upon completion of their study. Patients are also given the opportunity to purchase a special upgrade package including a DVD, CD, and Color Prints at a reduced fee! Studies have shown that fetal sonography may enhance the maternal-fetal bonding process and allow parents to better prepare for the arrival of their latest family member.

More information regarding Down Syndrome can be found at:
1. National Down Syndrome Society: www.ndss.org
2. National Down Syndrome Congress: www.ndsccenter.org
3. National Association Down Syndrome: www.nads.org